Bratton, McMorrow & Associates LLP

Tax Services

Tax Preparation
BMA prepares tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships and trusts. Because we use state-of-the-art software and keep up to date on the latest tax laws, you can rest assured that BMA will prepare your returns in an accurate and timely manner. To make sure that nothing is missed, the BMA returns go through a series of internal reviews before completion. Preparer and reviewer thoroughly discuss any complex tax issues or potential areas in which the client could reduce their taxes.

Tax Planning
By the time we prepare your income tax returns, there are a limited number of things that can be done to reduce your taxes. In addition, during the hectic pace of tax season, there is less time for planning. For those reasons, we encourage clients with complex tax situations to meet with us before the end of your tax year, either corporate or personal. Then there is adequate time to carefully review your tax and financial situation, answer any question you might have, and evaluate actions to reduce your tax burden.

Estate Taxes
When someone dies with an estate that has a fair market value above the statutory limits, the estate must file an estate tax return, known as Form 706 [United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return]. If the deceased owned a business, business interest or interest in an asset-holding company, the estate must include an appraisal report showing the value of those assets. BMA has prepared many such appraisal reports and knows the requirements that must be met to withstand an IRS audit. BMA will prepares the Form 706, although not in conjunction with a business appraisal (to do the 706 and appraisal together would pose a conflict of interest).

Investment Advisory Services