Bratton, McMorrow & Associates LLP

Valuations for Litigation and Marital Dissolutions

Litigation Support

BMA assists with litigation matters by helping assess the valuation issues of the case. BMA can also draft questions to ask the opposing expert (or the principals) regarding the valuation issues, review the business valuation report prepared by another expert, or rebut testimony regarding the opinions and comments of opposing experts concerning the value of the business interest. BMA experts have been trained to perform as credible witnesses in assisting the court to arrive at a fair and equitable resolution of the matter.

Marital Dissolutions

The valuation of a business or professional practice is often a common area of disagreement in what is already an emotionally charged proceeding — the dissolution of a marriage. BMA is familiar with the climate in which valuations for divorce are prepared. BMA may be retained by one or both parties, or appointed by the court, to provide an independent conclusion on the value of the business or business interest. BMA is familiar with applicable statutory and case law as it relates to valuations for marital dissolution.